The Ocean 101 Boardwalk

$499 Security Deposit

Limited Time Special

Our application process is fast, easy and inexpensive. And we have apartments immediately available to move in.

For qualified residents who have good credit and a clean background, our Security Deposit is only $499. Most security deposits require one- and half month's rent upfront. Our qualified applicants can save a $1000 or more in upfront costs.

To qualify for the special security deposit, applicants must have a credit score of 700 or higher, be current with all creditor(s), a clean criminal background and no evictions on their background check. Applicants with a credit score of 600 or greater might qualify for a one-month security deposit with clean tenancy and criminal back ground.

All other applicants, will be require to pay the standard month-and a half security deposit, which is standard in the state of New Jersey. For the safety and security of all our residents, we require a background check. All applicants are required to pay a $50.00 application fee to run their background check.

Active Military, Veteran, and Union Employee Discounts

Are you Active Military, a Veteran, or a Union Employee? If so, we have some fantastic incentives for you. First, we offer a 10% monthly rental discount to all Active Military, a Veteran, or a Union Employees. That can save you up to $100.00 or more every month! Upon approval we will credit your $50.00 application fee to your first month of rent! Please call David today for details! 609-348-1200, option #1 x20

We LOVE our Police Officers!!
Please call David today 609-348-1200, option #1 x20 to find out the SPECIAL DEALS we have to offer you!!

We love our Police Officers!

Call Call David our Business Development Manager at 609-348-1200 (Ext. 20) to find out the special deals we have to offer you!

The Ocean 101 Boardwalk honors you...
We thank our Active Military, Veterans and First Responders for your bravery, service and sacrifice. We have special discounted rates to honor your service!